Our Captain's Quarters horizontal units
(below)  have room to house 3-4 cats
comfortably.  This suite boasts an
unobstructed view of window bird feeders.
Easily located 1/4 mile north of
Clinton Crossing Outlets, look
for our sign & white picket
For directions click
Below is our Surf & Turf Suites.  They have window views of bird
feeders & full view one of our two 55 Gallon aquariums.  
For more
information on our rates & suite sizes click here.
Below is a picture of our playroom.  Located inside our boarding
facility, your cat is still segregated from other clients during their
excercise time.  Only members of the same household are
allowed inside the playroom at the same time.  To insure a clean,
healthy environment we  sanitize the room between uses.

Our playroom is approximately 7'x9' & also has a outdoor
window view of bird feeders & Koi pond.  The room also has a
close up view of our parakeet cage, which keep our guests
entertained for hours!
1 of 4 bird feeding stations.  We use a wide spectrum seed
to attract a nice variety.  (Including hummingbird
feeders in the summer & butterfly bushes to attract all
means of entertainment!  All stations are located in
direct view from guests quarters.
Office Parakeets-cats LOVE watching them & the
gold fish!
Please call if you'd like a personal
tour.  My husband Tim & I would love
to meet you!
Valentina - owner, Captain Kitt's